Shelly Carrick 

Seneca Home Staging

A little about me...

"Why are your always rearranging your bedroom furniture?"  

My mother asked me this question all the time when I was a kid.

My response?  "I just like how it feels like a whole new room when I try something new!"  So really, I've been pushing furniture around and rearranging my space since I was a ten year old kid. Before home staging, I was in consumer marketing for a major telecommunications company. Then life happened and I moved on to the next big thing and became a Real Estate agent working for buyers in Montgomery County.  I kept seeing nice homes, usually priced right, just languish on the market because they didn't show well.  I'm a problem solver by nature, so I decided to combine my marketing and real estate experience and start a Home Staging business. Now I use my creativity and experience to help my clients bring about the next big thing in their lives.

Shelly Carrick

Owner, Seneca Staging