Shelly Carrick 

Seneca Home Staging

How it works...

There are a few types of home staging approaches.  I specialize in "staging with what you have".   This means we will transform your home using items you already own versus bringing in furniture and decor.   I may suggest a few small purchases to freshen up certain areas of your home e.g. new bath towels or a shower curtain.  But, we will do our best to ensure anything you buy can be used in your new home too.

Initial 3-Hour Consult & Session


How it works:   Depending on the size of your home and the amount of staging you desire, we will typically spend about 20-30 minutes walking around the outside and inside of your home to create the Staging Plan.  The Plan may include yard work, decluttering, cleaning, painting, window treatments, decor/art modifications as well as furniture placement.  It is always a good idea to take notes as we go through the home so you'll have that as reference if you decide to finish the Plan on your own.  With the time we have left, we will get to work on the most important aspects first.

Updates and repairs: If your home requires painting, repairs, yard work, fixture updates etc...or if you have heavy furniture we were unable to move,  I can recommend our handyman service division, Seneca Services, to take care of those tasks.  Seneca Services will provide you with a separate estimate.  Or you can hire your own contractor.


Each Additional Hour


How it works:   If we determine your home needs more work than we were able to complete in the 3-hour session, we can continue, at your discretion, until the Plan is complete.   If you like, I am also available to meet contractors and shop for any items if you don't have time.  All time spent on your Plan, after the initial 3-hour consultation, will be charged at $125/hour.  I will provide an estimate for all time before I begin any additional work on your project.  

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